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September 28th, 2016

Show Me My Opponent: Alabama Crimson Tide


It’s time for the Alabama edition of our “Show Me My Opponent” football preview series. The Cats travel down to Tuscaloosa this weekend to meet Nick Saban’s undefeated squad, but before they do, you need to learn more about the Crimson Tide.


The University of Alabama is a place most Alabama football fans know nothing about. To Alabama footballs fans, the University of Alabama is where the rich kids go to learn long division and other book stuff in those brick buildings near Bryant-Denny Stadium. But to many others who didn’t drop out of high school because they got someone pregnant in the bed of a pickup truck parked outside a bonfire, the University of Alabama is the oldest and largest public university in its state. It’s also one of the 50 best public universities in America, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Located in podunk Tuscaloosa, where football is king and shirts are optional, the University of Alabama provides academic studies to almost 40,000 students of all reading levels. At the centerpiece of its campus is the famous Denny Chimes bell tower, which rings every 15 minutes to remind students, both male and female, to spit their chaw. The tower, the most visible landmark on campus, is named for George H. Denny, the university’s president from back when the school was very, very racist.

More fun University of Alabama and Tuscaloosa facts:

— UA’s Greek system is the largest in the country, by membership.

— Tuscaloosa was the state capital until 1846 when Montgomery took the title.

— The Alabama Museum of Natural History on the UA campus has the Hodges Meteorite, the only meteorite known to have struck a human being.

— Tuscaloosa used to be the headquarters for the Gulf State Paper Corporation and the Ku Klux Klan.


— A sports editor for the Birmingham Age-Herald coined the term “Crimson Tide” during the 1907 football game between Auburn and Alabama. Alabama held its heavily-favored rival to a 6-6 tie in a sea of crimson mud on the field.

“Roll Tide” is the rallying cry for everything, from Alabama football to criminal arrests. The chant is acceptable in any situation around the state.

— No one knows why the Crimson Tide’s mascot is an elephant. Literally no one can explain why that is, although some believe it’s because Wallace Wade, Bama’s three-time national champion football coach, celebrated each win by sleeping with a fat woman.

Alabama Football Fan Day is kind of sad:


Harper Lee: Harper Lee is the author who penned To Kill A Mockingbird, that book we were all supposed to read in high school but didn’t because the girl next to us did and she was good at communicating its main themes and plot before the test. I’m sure Harper Lee was a very nice lady, but I never read her work. I’m just not a book guy.

Rece Davis: ESPN’s Rece Davis serves as the host of College GameDay and various other programs on the network. Davis is an ’88 Bama grad and was named an outstanding alumnus of UA’s School of Communication and Information Sciences in 2001.

Jimmy Wales: Wales received his bachelor’s degree in finance from Auburn University in 1986. Wales then entered the PhD finance program at the University of Alabama before leaving with a master’s degree to enter the PhD finance program at Indiana University. I copied and pasted those sentences from Wikipedia, which he co-founded in 2001.

Bernie Madoff: Bernard Lawrence Madoff is the former non-executive chairman of the NASDAQ stock market and one of our nation’s biggest fraudsters, as the Ponzi scheme he operated is considered the largest financial fraud in U.S. history. He pleaded guilty to 11 financial felonies in 2009 and was sentenced to 150 years in prison for his Wall Street crimes that spanned entire decades. He spent one year at Alabama.

Forrest Gump: Forrest Gump attended the University of Alabama from 1963-67 and played on the Crimson Tide football team under head coach Bear Bryant, who offered Gump a scholarship after Gump sprinted through a high school practice Bryant was recruiting, while running from bullies in his hometown. While at Alabama, Gump witnessed the Stand in the Schoolhouse Door by Governor George Wallace and earned All-American honors for his play on the football field. Arguably the most accomplished Alabama grad, Gump went on to serve and earn a Medal of Honor in the Vietnam War; become a champion ping-pong player with his Flexolite ping-pong paddle; meet the President; expose the Watergate scandal; meet the President, again; inspire John Lennon’s “Imagine”; start a successful shrimp business; run across the country; and invest in some fruit company. And after all that, he cut grass for free because he didn’t have to worry about money no more, which is good — one less thing.


Roll Tide indeed.



You know the head coach. He’s that munchkin little fella named Nick Saban and he is arguably the greatest college football coach of all time.

Nick With The Good Hair has been in Tuscaloosa since 2007 and he has put four new national championship trophies on Bama’s shelf during that span. In Saban’s tenure there have also been 25 consensus All-Americans, four SEC titles, two Heisman winners, a couple videos of him dancing during recruiting visits and not a whole lot of losing on the football field.

He’s simply known as God in T-Town and there will never be another like him, at least in Bama fans’ eyes. Half the fan base would step in front of a speeding car if he told them it would add one more year to his career as their head coach.

He’s also very short and wears shoe lift inserts. And all his star recruits tend to drive nice cars.


#2 | JALEN HURTS | QB | Freshman

Alabama has a superstar in the making in true freshman QB Jalen Hurts. Hurts took over the starting role in Week 1 and has since compiled over 700 yards through the air, over 250 yards on the ground, and eight total touchdowns.

But let’s talk about that hair. What’s going on there? Looks like he has a blooming onion on his head.

On second thought I shouldn’t make fun of his hair because he’ll have a lot more money than me here in about two years when he goes to the Browns. Wait, he goes to Alabama — he already has more money than you and me combined.

#74 | CAM ROBINSON | OL | Junior

Alabama offensive lineman Cam Robinson defied all odds when he started in the 2016 season opener against USC, after being arrested and charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance and illegal possession of a stolen firearm in the offseason. When most would be punished for the criminal offenses, one of which was a felony, Robinson persevered and suited up for the Crimson Tide with no suspension.

He has started in all 34 games since he arrived on campus.

#34 | DAMIEN HARRIS | RB | Sophomore

Damien Harris is the one who got away in the Mark Stoops era. The Richmond, Ky. product picked Alabama over nearby Kentucky as the top-ranked running back in the country in the 2015 class. This is his first season in a contributing role down in Tuscaloosa and he’s made the most of it, totaling 345 yards and one touchdown with over eight yards per carry in the first four games.

Harris, who is currently battling an ankle injury, tweeted, “This week is personal.”


Kentucky and Alabama last met in 2013 when the Crimson Tide traveled to Commonwealth Stadium as the nation’s No. 1 team, as it always is, for an early October cross-divisional SEC battle.

And believe it or not, things started well for the Wildcats as they forced Bama to punt on its first possession, followed by turnovers on its next two in a scoreless first quarter for both teams.

Then Bama did what Bama does and that 0-0 tie quickly became a rout. Kentucky trailed 24-0 at halftime and the beatdown continued on to a 48-7 final score.

The Cats did manage to keep the Tide under 700 yards, however. The visitors only rushed for 300 and tallied only 668 total yards of offense in the game. (Only.) Kentucky racked up 170 total yards.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Alabama wins.

Drew Franklin Stepped on the Set of Hey Kentucky!


Drew Franklin’s Hey Kentucky! debut was one for the books.  Matt and Drew started by discussing the Louisville scandal and the strange developments in Frankfort between Governor Matt Bevin and Attorney General Andy Beshear.  Along with some football and basketball talk, the two are joined by risqué country music singer Wheeler Walker Jr.

Don’t be left out.  Watch the entire show after the jump.


Wendy’s KSR Top Ten Tweets of the Day



The one and only Wendy’s Baconator is a meaty masterpiece in its
own right. Composed of six strips of thick cut, applewood-smoked bacon;
cooked in an oven. Two quarter-pound patties* of fresh, never-frozen,
North American beef raised close it never sees a freezer. Only Wendy’s
has the fresh beef and thick bacon to give you a hamburger worthy of the
name Baconator.

You can be a part of Wendy’s KSR Top 10 Tweets by using hashtags like #KSR #BBN or #KSRtop10. You can also nominate tweets by mentioning them with the hashtag. If we like what we see, it could be posted the next day. Now. On to the tweets:


#10 H. Barnes

Live look at Avenue of Champions, 9/28/16 at approximately 5:00am.



#9 Matthew Wood

I bet Ryan took a kicker in the first round.



#8 Mark Sandlin




#7 Kelly Harper

Who’s up for a road-trip to Tuscaloosa?



#6 Mr.Wildcat 1010

History 101 presented by: NCAA



#5 Aaron Detjen

Multi-talented Bam plays basketball AND bagpipes.



#4 Michael Parker

Rupp will literally be bleeding blue.



#3 Todd

Breakfast Club > Kardashians/Jenners



#2 John Robic’s Hair

I bet shipping is expensive…



#1 Amy

Kentuckians everywhere are nodding in agreement.



Late Night Notes for Tent City’s Lucky Rainbow

A rainbow ended at the Wildcat Lodge. Coincidence? I think not, from @ryanpsallee

A rainbow ended at the Wildcat Lodge. Coincidence? I think not, from @ryanpsallee.

Trae Young Will NOT Sign Early

Kentucky’s top priority at point guard will not be committing anytime soon.  Young’s father told Evan Daniels he will wait to see how his prospective schools perform this season before making his final decision.

Calipari Missed the Campout to See a Recruit

Coach Cal planned on returning from his visit with Lonnie Walker in time to talk to fans at Tent City, but there was a last minute change of plans.  According to Ben Roberts, Cal took a detour to Connecticut to visit point guard Tremont Waters.

Waters was in Lexington for an official visit just two weekends ago.  Last weekend he was in Bloomington and this weekend he’ll wrap up his official visits with a trip to Lawrence, Kansas.  Cal’s timing is impeccable.

Damien Harris Participated in Practice

The Kentucky native and leading rusher for the Crimson Tide sprained his ankle against Kent State.  Considered day-to-day, Harris wants to play against his home state, but we probably won’t know until game day.

I’m sure you probably don’t want it rubbed in your face this week, but has an excellent piece on why Damien Harris believes he made the right choice.

Views from Tent City

The women’s basketball team stopped by to pass out free food in the middle of the pouring rain.  I’m sure the food put smiles on many faces, but Evelyn Akhator with a bullhorn gives me a much larger smile.

The rain tried to ruin the day but it couldn’t.  The Acoustikats took the stage to sing My Old Kentucky Home, and even though I’ve heard it a gazillion times, hearing the rain drops falling makes this especially beautiful.

The Depth Chart Podcast: Alabama


Today’s episode might be the best yet.  Former UK fullback Andy Murray (of Murray Promotions) joins the program to discuss the glory days and dissect the current state of the program. The BBN will also hear from Alabama insider Ed Sledge to help understand where the Crimson Tide stand. Highlights:

—  How Damien Harris has handled “The Process” of Nick Saban.

—  The only position where UK is comparable to Alabama.

—  Even at No. 1 Alabama, nobody’s perfect; where Bama has struggled.

—  Grading Eddie Gran after four games.

—  Comparing Benny Snell to UK’s great running backs from the 80s.

To listen, just subscribe to “Kentucky Sports Radio” on iTunes, stream on Podbayor listen on the Podcast Addict app for Android.

Hump Day Practice Notes from the Defense


—  The offense heard it from Eddie Gran.  Last Wednesday the defense got their ass chewed; today it was the offense’s turn.  Read into the tea leaves as you please, but if I do remember correctly, the defense responded pretty well after their “talking to” a week ago.

—  What was the difference in the defense last week?  There were two significant improvements and D.J. Eliot said it wasn’t anything too crazy.

1. They made “tremendously” fewer mental mistakes, allowing them to play with confidence.
2. They executed much better.

It sounds boring, but whatever works, works.

Denzil Ware

—  A homecoming for Ware.  Even though most of his bio info will tell you he’s from Florida’s panhandle where he played high school football, the pass rusher actually grew down the road from Tuscaloosa near Enterprise, Alabama.  He was the only member of his family that wasn’t either an Alabama or Auburn fan, instead cheering for Florida State.  His family will pack the stands on Saturday.

—  Ware was named SEC Co-Defensive Lineman of the Week, but none of that matters to him.  “It’s great that I won it, but it’s not a team award.  It’s not something that I’m going to be proud about until me and my team make it to a bowl game and get a ring to put on our finger.”

—  Defending a rushing QB.  Even though it’s been the Kentucky football Kryptonite since forever, Ware is not worried about true freshman quarterback Jalen Hurts.  After all, he’s seen better.  “I played against Lamar Jackson, who’s considered to be the next Michael Vick.”  He’s more concerned about how the Cats play instead of how they’re playing.

Injury Update

Dorian Baker left practice in full pads.  The wide receiver has been limited since training camp with a hamstring injury.  Hopefully the day-to-day injury is beginning to fade.

Kengera Daniel will return to the lineup this week, running with the second string at defensive end.  D.J. Eliot said Kobie Walker is “day-to-day” but in his case I’d expect the worst and hope for the best.

Kash Daniel

—  “Honestly I feel more calm out there than at practice.”  Even though he hasn’t seen much playing time, he’s more comfortable letting loose and making plays than having his coaches’ look over his shoulder during practice.

—  What he has to improve.  His own toughest critic, Kash said he must improve his eye control when reading his keys against the offensive line.

—  Kash’s epiphany.  I asked Kash if playing the defending National Champs on the road is intimidating, he replied, “I don’t know, it ain’t Saturday yet.  I’m still here in Lexington so I couldn’t tell ya.”

He hasn’t made the trip yet, but the venue is much different than what he’s used to.  Some friends from home asked him, “Do you realize where you’re playing this week?”

He answered affirmatively but it didn’t really set in until they said: “You know two years ago we were playing at Jenkins High School, right?  And now you’re playing at Bryant-Denny Stadium.  Hall of Famers went through there and you get a chance to play there.”

“Unreal” is the only way he could describe it.

View Periscopes from Kash Daniel and Denzil Ware, after the jump.

The KSR Football Podcast: Breakdancing After Beating the Cocks


There is always plenty of discussion and analysis in the KSR Football Podcast, but more importantly, there are unpredictable tangents.  Before we could dive headfirst into the South Carolina game and this week’s matchup vs. Alabama, Freddie Maggard mesmerized the crew with stories of his days as a breakdancer in Eastern Kentucky.  You can’t make this stuff up.  More stuff we didn’t make up:

—  If CB radios were still a thing, what would our handles be?

—  “His arms are bigger than my belly!” Which player is Jared talking about?

—  Jared vs. Freddie: the great Jon Toth debate.

—  Rich Brooks stories you won’t hear anywhere else.

—  Five minutes of free plugs that you could get in on by emailing

To listen, just subscribe to “Kentucky Sports Radio” on iTunes, stream on Podbayor listen on the Podcast Addict app for Android.

PHOTOS: UK Freshmen show off Photo Day pics


We’re inching closer and closer to Big Blue Madness, and, in anticipation, some of the UK Basketball freshmen showed off pictures from Photo Day on social media this afternoon. Enjoy the excellent shots below and thank your lucky stars basketball is finally in sight.

Wenyen Gabriel


A photo posted by UPMΛN™ (@wenyengabriel) on


Malik Monk

I'm having fun!!😛😬💯👌🏾🏀

A photo posted by Solo (@ahmad_monk) on


Brad Calipari

You know the name but you don't know the amount of work it took to get it there🤐

A photo posted by Brad Calipari (@bradcalipari) on


Bam Adebayo


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UK Fans of the Day Want Some Recruiting Notes


Shoutout to KSR fans and UK alums Mike Crawford, Amy Elizabeth Gray, and their dog, Tucker, who are repping the Cats high atop Pike’s Peak in Colorado. I’ll be in the…Googling “Colorado state nickname”…Centennial State this weekend for my cousin’s wedding, so this picture seemed very appropriate for today’s roundup of recruiting news. Let’s get to it!

Calipari visiting Lonnie Walker today

Lonnie Walker
Shooting Guard | 6-5 | 195 lbs.
Reading, PA | Reading
AAU: Team Final
ESPN No. 19 | 4 SG Top247 No. 23 | 4 SG
Rivals No. 20 Scout No. 23 | 3 SG

Earlier today, Calipari tweeted that he was back on the recruiting trail, and according to Ben Roberts, he’s in Pennsylvania to visit five-star shooting guard Lonnie Walker. This is Calipari’s second visit with the 6’5″ Walker so far during the fall recruiting period. Before you read too much into that, Cal has also checked in on his other shooting guard targets, Hamidou Diallo and John Petty, twice this month as well.

Here are some of Walker’s recent highlights:


The #1 prospect in the 2019 class will visit UK next month

Balsa Koprivica (2019)
Center | 7-0 | 240 lbs.
Fort Lauderdale, FL | University School
AAU: Team Florida
ESPN No. 11 | 2 C Top247 No. 1 | 1 C
Rivals No. 3 Scout No. 5 | 2 C

Get to know the name Balso Koprivica. Already 7-feet tall, the 16-year-old Serbian native is considered the best prospect in the 2019 class by 247 Sports, and will take an unofficial visit to Kentucky in late October. It’s early, but he’s already got a few predictions for Kentucky in his Crystal Ball.

[247 Sports]

Don’t forget Nick Richards’ visit this weekend

Nick Richards
Center | 6-11 | 235 lbs.
Manhasset, NY | St. Patrick’s
AAU: Expressions Elite
ESPN No. 12 | 5 C Top247 No. 15 | 2 C
Rivals No. 19 Scout No. 17 | 7 C

After hosting Calipari twice this fall, the New Jersey big man will take his official visit to Kentucky this weekend, hopefully in time to see the campers in Tent City. This will be the first official visit for Richards, who told ZagsBlog he’s also being recruited to Kentucky by Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, who also attended St. Patrick’s.

“Yeah, we was talking about the NBA for a little bit,” Richards said. “He was just telling me what Kentucky can do for me as a person and develop my game.”

Also in that article is this promising quote on what Richards’ mom thinks of Calipari.

“She likes Cal, he keeps it real with her,” he said. “She likes the energy that they give to us.”

All ten predictions in Richards’ Crystal Ball are in the Cats’ favor. Come on down and feel free to commit, young man.


ICYMI, PJ Washington is coming back to Kentucky for Big Blue Madness

P.J. Washington
Power Forward| 6-7 | 225 lbs.
Dallas, TX | Findlay Prep
AAU: Team Penny
ESPN No. 16 | 2 PF Top247 No. 16 | 6 PF
Rivals No. 17 | — PF Scout No. 14 | 1 PF

Washington and his family were just in Lexington for his official visit back on September 17, but the five-star power forward liked what he saw so much he wants to come back for Big Blue Madness on October 14. Because this is an unofficial visit, the Washington family will have to pay their own way, but apparently, his father’s been saving for the trip since the summer in anticipation.

Let’s give ’em a good show, okay, Cal?

Gary Parrish: Kentucky’s backcourt “the most exciting in college basketball”

© Mark Zerof

© Mark Zerof

CBS Sports’ Gary Parrish updated his Top 25 (And One) rankings this morning, and while Kentucky holds steady at #2 behind Duke and ahead of Kansas, Villanova, and Xavier, the real interesting stuff comes when Parrish makes a bold prediction about the Cats’ backcourt.

“The Wildcats lost three underclassmen to the NBA Draft — plus Alex Poythress to graduation and Marcus Lee and Charles Matthews via transfer, Parrish writes. “But, as usual, John Calipari reloaded with a strong recruiting class featuring five five-star prospects. The backcourt of De’Aaron Fox and Malik Monk should be the most exciting in college basketball.

The thought of Fox’s speed combined with Monk’s athleticism is enough to make you drop what you’re doing and run to Madness Campout right now, but I think Gary’s shortchanging Isaiah Briscoe a little here too. Sure, Fox and Monk will be the stars in the backcourt, but Briscoe’s defensive prowess and ability to finish at the basket will be crucial this season, not to mention his leadership.

If you’re interested, here’s Parrish’s top ten:

1. Duke
2. Kentucky
3. Kansas
4. Villanova
5. Xavier
6. North Carolina
7. Oregon
8. Michigan State
9. Virginia
10. Indiana

[CBS Sports]

Nick Saban: Boom Williams may be the best running back Alabama has played this year

Bryan Lynn | USA Today

Bryan Lynn | USA Today

Here’s a fun fact: Boom Williams ranks 10th in the country in rushing yards with 464 through four games. UK’s junior running back is averaging eight yards per carry, which has the Alabama coaching staff so concerned that, according to Ben Jones, they’re reportedly yelling the stat at their defense during drills in practice this week. On today’s SEC Coaches Teleconference, Nick Saban said Boom may be the best back Alabama’s faced all season. 

“He’s certainly going to be a challenge for us and maybe the best back we’ve played against so far this year,” Saban said. “They have three backs that have been productive in my opinion. He’s obviously the most productive.”

That’s pretty high praise from Saban, whose team has shut down USC’s Ronald Jones II, Western Kentucky’s Anthony Wales, and Ole Miss’ Akeem Judd so far this season. None of those backs are as elite as Boom, who will face the best rushing defense in the SEC (fifth nationally) in Tuscaloosa.

Let’s relive Boom’s big 43-yard touchdown from the South Carolina game, because I have a feeling we won’t see a bunch of them on Saturday:

Trae Young says Devin Booker’s success story is the best he’s heard on an in-home visit


Devin Booker’s success story is one of the best of the John Calipari era. Back when Booker committed to Kentucky in October 2013, he was considered only a Top 25 player and the eighth best shooting guard in his class by 247 Sports Composite; however, it quickly became apparent that Booker was much, much better than that. Even though he planned on being at Kentucky for more than one season and averaged only 10 points per game in the platoon system, Booker impressed scouts so much that he left Kentucky a lottery pick, and is now considered one of the top 100 players in the NBA. Period.

Booker is one the fastest rising stars in the league right now, which is why it comes as no surprise that John Calipari is using his story on recruiting trips. Five-star point guard Trae Young, Kentucky’s most important recruit in the 2017 class, told USA Today High School’s Jason Jones that Calipari’s story about Booker is the best he’s heard on any in-home visit thus far. Young said Cal told him that even though Booker came to UK with a three-year plan, Cal knew after only one or two workouts that he’d be a one-and-done.

“Coach Cal told me a story about when they were recruiting Devin Booker it was understood that he was going to be on a three-year plan,” Young said. “He was gonna be there three years and then he was gonna leave for the NBA. His parents knew that and everything. Well, Coach Cal put him through a couple workouts when he got there and called his dad and said, ‘He’s gone this year. He’s out. He’s not coming back.’ It was crazy because Coach Cal said his dad was still saying he planned on being there three years, but Coach Cal said no he was gone. He ended up being a lottery pick and he’s gonna be a franchise player. He just knew after a workout or two. Crazy.”

Yes, it is. Hopefully, Trae’s success story is one Calipari tells for years to come as well.


Tim Tebow hit a home run on the first pitch he faced as a pro baseball player because of course he did

If you haven’t watched ESPN in the last month and a half, former quarterback and current SEC Network analyst Tim Tebow is now a professional baseball player. Tebow signed a minor-league contract with the New York Mets earlier in the month, and during his first instructional league game between the Mets and the Cardinals today in Florida, he hit a home run on the first pitch he faced. Of course.

Here’s another view:

I tried for years not to like Tebow, but I actually really enjoy him as a football analyst. And, probably, as a baseball player too.

Mark Stoops opens up about Mikel Horton’s transfer

Last night, KSR broke the news that junior running back Mikel Horton is transferring from the program. The move wasn’t a surprise; Horton had only three carries for 12 yards this season and lost his spot as the team’s power back to freshman Benny Snell. On today’s SEC Coaches Teleconference, Mark Stoops was asked about Mikel’s transfer, and while he wished Mikel the best of luck, he admitted he saw it coming. 

“It’s not an issue handling the loss. As you know, he’s only had a few carries this fall. Yeah, we did see it coming. It’s just one of this situations where, for whatever reason, he gets behind on the depth chart and has to earn the trust of the coaches and the players as he moves forward. He was starting to to that, and doing a better job and being more accountable, and then some other guys emerged.”

“You know, there’s only one football, and we’ve been playing pretty solid at the running back position and he had a hard time getting back on the field. We wish him the best of luck, but depth is certainly not an issue. We’ve got quite a few [running] backs on scholarship.”

According to Jen Smith, Horton is no longer with the team, but will finish out the semester at UK. Like Stoops, we also wish him the best of luck.